True Beauty

This Post is to encourage all women on embracing themselves, seeing and believing you are beautiful and understand what TRUE beauty is.

You don’t need to be a model, size 5,to be skinny or slim or to have long hair to feel beautiful or look beautiful.

Beauty isn’t just on the outside, in fact true beauty comes from within. When it comes from within it will show on the outside.

Sometimes we can deeply admire the looks of other’s and even times we’ll compare our looks to someone else but you have to remember it’s not about the outer appearance!!

There is a Quote that I really love that says ” no true beauty shines brighter than a good heart” so again it’s not just the outer appearance.

It’s your heart, your personality,  how you carry yourself, how you treat other’s that make you beautiful. 😉😊

You are beautiful!!! Tell yourself this every single day!!!

To help you out here is two scriptures from the Bible that would be helpful!!

Meditate on these.




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