Quick advice..

When your goal is marriage and if you’re in a marriage

  • Make sure you’re both on the same page spiritually ( not one person believe in God and the other don’t, not one person prays and the other barely or don’t. Not one person goes to church and the other don’t. One spouse can’t be feeding themselves spiritually and not the other!! Connect spiritually!!
  • Make sure God is your foundation!! Have you heard the saying you can’t build a house with no foundation? Well.. it’s the same with relationships and marriage. You can’t build on it and expect it to stand strong without the foundation ( GOD).

    Another saying is ” A house is lifted from it’s foundation”. A relationship and marriage is lifted, long lasting and prosperous when God is the foundation!!! 😁😉

    Challenges and storms will come
    Example: A storm comes but a house that is strongly and firmly built won’t fall or be destroyed… it might shake a little but it won’t fall because of it’s foundation!!!

    It’s  this way when God is the foundation!! 


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