The ONE 💑👫

You cannot be in love with every person you date or think everyone you get into a relationship with is the one. I normally call this an “INFATUATION”. Most of the time that is the case. 

There is absolutely nothing wrong with dating. Dating helps us to see what’s out there…

A lot of times most of us want somebody, want to be in love, have some one to feel close to and deeply connect with and there is nothing wrong with wanting those things.

The down side of it is that we can sometimes desperately want these things and the first thing that appear or present itself to us we go for, thinking that it’s meant to be ( I’m also speaking from my own experience). Once we get into these relationships we become disappointed, get hurt and more.

This is what happen when we become desperate for these things and just dive in and jump into a relationship without taking precaution and more… Again it’s nothing wrong with dating people but it’s different than knowing who and when the person is the right one.

WHEN YOU WANT “THE ONE” here is a few things you should do.

  1. PRAY – Seek God first ( always seek him first in any and everything). If you’re already dating and things are becoming serious make sure you pray and consult with God about this person and know that he will always show you and reveal things to you and surely let you know if that person is the ONE or not. When he speak to you, LISTEN!! Sometimes we don’t listen we will go on and continue at our own will ( Know that God’s will is always best and most important for our lives in everything we do). Sometimes the things we are strongly attracted to or desire is not meant for us so again LISTEN!!
  2. BE PATIENT AND PREPARE- Just because you pray today for the ONE doesn’t mean he/she will appear in your life tomorrow. Be patient and don’t become discouraged.
  • Use the time to prepare yourself as a woman or man and get yourself together spiritually, mentally, physically,  financially and more..
  • Work on areas you struggled in before in past relationships, strengthen yourself in any weak areas.
  • Work on YOU and build yourself.

    3.DISCERN- During the time you’re being patient and preparing yourself you’ll start to attract a lot of men so, discernment  is important. The men or women can come and because you been praying and preparing you may think they’re the ONE.  They may seem decent, they’re talking good and appear to have it all together and so you think hmmmm… maybe this is the ONE. Remember the enemy knows how to decieve!! He knows you’ve been praying, patient and preparing so he will send people you may think are good to come into your life and disrupt, distract and cause other problems you don’t want to face or deal with anymore. This is why discerning is so important!!!


You will know when that person is THE ONE.

  • First you must understand that no one is perfect. We have to kill that illusion of the ONE being perfect with not a single flaw.
  • They put God first
  • They’re spiritual 
  • They have order in their life
  • They will be fruitful 
  • They treat you with respect.
  • They honor you
  • They accept you and your flaws 
  • Motivate you
  • Push you to reach your greatest potential
  • They encourage you
  • They support you
  • They are walking in their purpose
  • Your purpose will be aligned together
  • They pray for you and with you
  • They will be different. When I say this I mean different from every person you’ve ever dated… This can be a huge indicator!! It will be something uniquely different a special about them. Let me just add that sometimes we can be use to and attracted to the same type of people that when someone different from comes we overlook them because they aren’t like the rest and what we are use to!! Open your eyes!! Be wise!!! 

    That is all I have so far on THE ONE. I hope what I listed above can be helpful. 😉😁


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