Growth is important and it’s needed in all areas of our life.

Growth is important because it helps us to develop, Mature, to succeed and prosper.

When I think about growth I think about different stages and  different levels.

Different stages- Can be childhood to an adolescent to adulthood,

We are different in each of these stages, our mind, attitude, how we speak and the things we do. As we go from one stage to the next we are developing. 

Different levels- to me the different levels can represent the manyyyy areas in our life… like emotionally, mentally, physically, spiritually and more … now as we grow through the different stages we began to grow in the different levels.

Growth helps us to advance in all areas of our life!!! 

YOU see this plant has three different stages and as you can see the first stage starts little, once you get to the second it’s growing a little more and the third is full grown developed and has advanced higher…. the third plant has flourished, it looks firm and strong. This is an example of how growth looks in our life.


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