Hi, everybody I just wanted to make a quick post about rejection.

Rejection can be one of the most difficult things in life we face and go through.

Rejection can make us feel unworthy, unwanted and even as if we aren’t good enough.

We get rejected when we go to job interviews, in relationships and in a lot of other situations. 

I personally feared rejection and I can’t say that i have fully overcome but I’m on my way there. 

I would decline job offers, cancel job interviews and sometimes not show up because of rejection from previous experiences. Crazy right? Lol. I wouldn’t even approach guys sometimes or want to go on dates because I didn’t want to feel rejected.

I’m sure some people experience the same of maybe different.

As I sat to myself i began to question why am I so afraid of Rejection? 🤔🤔 than I told myself this….

1. Not everyone is going to accept you and I have to make that clear.

2. Just because you’re not accepted/ rejected doesn’t mean something is wrong with you. It does not decrease your value or minimize who you are.

3. Look at rejection as a good thing (positive thinking now). Look at as an opportunity or whatever it may be is not meant for you and that you’re going to be directed to something better and that it specifically meant for you. 😉😁

Everyone have their own way and it’s many ways to help you face and overcome rejection.

The main and most important  thing I did tell myself is that even when i feel rejected by many things to always know that God accepts me and will never reject me. I’m perfect in his eyes even in my flaws.

Just a message I wanted to share. 


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