Appreciate life. Life is a blessing!!

I wanted to share this quick post based off what I discovered yesterday.

I had a customer who had a beautiful personality, she was smiling and in such good spirits. As I began to converse with her more she revealed to me she had cancer, my initial reaction ( in my mind) was wow!! Who would’ve thought and then I’m began to think to myself ” You’re ungrateful”.

 We often live our life based on our circumstances and we let our circumstances control us and our life. We let it consume us. Many of us face the littlest and irrelevant things and maximize them in our life when we shouldn’t. 

You have people facing and dealing with illness and cancer, don’t know how long they’ll be here on this earth and still manage to live life and not let their illness control them or their life. This was a major eye opener!! 

We are all BLESSED!! Life is a blessing. If you’re able to wake up another day, you’re breathing and you’re moving that is enough!! That also shows you that no matter what you’re facing, God has a plan and purpose for your life and his plans are bigger for us than we think. 

I also began to question myself, if I truly trust in God and I know who he is and what he can do, I should not let life’s circumstances consume and overtake me. Live your life freely!! We can live our life free in Christ. Not let burdens, struggles, circumstances and the things that are small keep us from living our best life!! Again life is a blessing!! It time to appreciate it and  live it. ( I don’t mean wild and crazy) lol live it the way God wants you to live it and he doesn’t want us to live our life based on our circumstances. He wants to live a good, purpose-filled life!! 😉😁


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