God is always SPEAKING..

I wanted to write this quick post based off my experience and what I believe…

We often seek God for many things and we are always looking for an answer to those things.


Next… you may be wondering, how can I hear him speak to me?? 🤔🤔🤔 this was something I struggled with for a veryyyy long time.. always praying, always talking to God, asking for an answer, demanding that he speak to me.

My problem was that I was looking for something and expecting something specifically… I thought hearing him speak to me would be a certain voice, many may relate to this.. I would always hear ppl say ” God spoke to me” “God told me this” and I was curious!! I wanted to experience that.

Again, I was looking to hear a certain voice.. until one day I was going through a certain situation and when I went to Church, i remember my Pastor giving a word.. I’m thinking in my head wow… ” how did she know” it was like she was speaking directly to me!! T hats when I realized it was God speaking to me!!

So, he can speak to us in many, many ways!! Through his word, that still small voice… that we sometimes think is us, through other’s, through dreams, visions and more..

We have to open our eyes and ears!!, draw closer to him!! Develop and build your relationship with him!! Read your word!! If you really want to hear him speak to you.

HE speaks to us and some us don’t even know because we could be distracted by so many things.

I’m just encouraging anyone who’s looking for an answer, looking to hear, to do all those above and you will hear him.


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