You have so much to offer!!

I was feeling down recently, just thinking about a lot of things, I even begin to question somethings about myself.

I woke up this morning and God spoke to me saying “You Have so much to offer”. That alone just turned everything around!! That was all that I needed to hear to keep pushing.

So, I started to think what exactly? 🤔 and he reminded me of all of my potential, my capabilities, my skills, my gifts!! My personality, my heart, my kindness, giving encouragement and so much more!! Even me writing this blog post!!!

If you feel how I felt, questioning your place in life and just picking yourself apart…. God wants you to know that, YOU HAVE SO MUCH TO OFFER!! You’re here for a reason.

You have much to offer HIM

So much to offer other’s, who are in need of what you have to give.

So much to offer this world!!

So much to offer today!!

Pick yourself up like I did and know who you are, know your power, know your gifts, give your Best and give your all!!

When you have God!! You have it all!! You don’t lack anything!!!


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