Good Evening, I been focusing a lot on Change, what it means and what is required.

I’ve been really desperate for Change to take place in me, in my life and in certain areas of my life.

First, I will say I have changed tremendously!! I’ve changed in so many areas in my life, but I must admit, there are something’s and certain areas I still struggle with and I’m sure most of us are.

Tuesday Morning when I woke up I kept hearing CHANGE… so I started talking to God and he began to go in depth with me of what Change is and how to make it happen.

Change is vital! It’s needed to grow and go further in our life. If there is no change, we remain still and stuck.. that means you can’t move!!

If you want change, it takes a fight, sacrifice and so much more.

Change is not easy… It’s not something that will happen in a blink of an eye!! It takes plenty of time.

Even when it seems hard you got to keep pushing and just think of what you’re aiming for ( your goal).

Change means don’t look back!! Don’t focus on old things, old patterns, old habits, etc.. always focus on the GOAL.

Sometimes we just expect God to change us or change things in our lives out of no where, which he is never reluctant to do, but we must first really want change!! When we really want it, go seek God for it, That’s when change begin to take place.

Example: When we sin, we can’t just keep committing the same sin over and over again, saying we’re going to change, expecting out of the blue change will happen.

YOU have to truly, deeply in your heart want to CHANGE!! Then ask God to help you Change and change will be happen.

Think about things that you really want to change, pray about it, begin to work towards it and you’ll see it!!


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