Compare no more…

We often compare ourselves to other’s. Comparing yourself to other’s only stem from insecurities.

As women, we tend to measure ourselves to other women… instead we should embrace each other, come together in unity and be a powerful force!!

Again, comparing stems from insecurity. If you find yourself in a situation where you’re comparing yourself or someone else to you, examine yourself… why are you doing this?

As women we must realize our gifts, strong suits, our beauty. Focus on you, the good things, what you possess!! We often look focus far too much on what we can’t do, what we’re lacking or what it is we don’t have.

Focusing on our downfalls, weak points and shortcomings can really put us in a dark place. It can have us believe things about ourselves that aren’t true, especially if it’s a gift,talent or something we desire that we cannot do or we don’t have.

Take sometime out to embrace, accept , love and appreciate all of the good things about you…inside and out!! Look at those things everything!! Tell yourself you’re beautiful !! Tell yourself you’re smart!! List all of the things you hold inside and don’t look at anyone else.. you’re unique!! You’re set apart! Remember that!!

Take sometime out of your day and list all of the wonderful things about yourself….no negatives!! And appreciate them…. You got to accept who you are and what you have!! When you desire more for yourself, you have to push for it… but never compare yourself to anyone.


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