Is it too hard to let go?

First, I want to say that everything I post or write I go through myself or have encountered in my past.

I spoke to someone 2 days ago and they were telling me how it’s hard to let Go…

When you’ve been in a situation… whether it’s a job, relationship, marriage, friendship or whatever it may be for an extended amount of time, you grow attached, comfortable, adaptable to that particular situation, whether it’s good or bad.

I had someone come and talk to me about a “situation” I won’t say on what out of respect for that person. They were telling me how nothing good was coming out of it and it was hard to leave and let go… I empathize with them because as a woman I’ve been in many similar situations and I know many women have… men too!!

So I asked this person… What satisfication are you getting from It?

Are you happy?

Do you want better?

These are questions that we all should ask ourselves.

Take a moment if you will and ask yourself all of these questions…

Whatever your answers are, that should be enough to come to the decision of letting GO.

It’s not too hard to let go… anything or any person that doesn’t serve a purpose in your life, causing hurt/damage, shows no respect or causing discomfort should be easily let Go..

It took me quite sometime to grasp this because I was always going with my emotions… so now I say go with WISDOM over emotions. Lol

We don’t realize this but sometimes our emotions can deceive us… they can cause us to think, believe or feel a certain type of way and not see or accept the TRUTH.

I personally struggled for a long time in a situation that was damaging me, my reputation and my character as a woman.. if I told people they would tell me, let go!! I would say it’s “too hard” going with my emotions, totally overlooking the damage and hurt… thinking and feeling it could be better when the TRUTH was right out in front of me. I can smile now and thank God so much for delivering me from that!! 😃🙏🏾

Was I satisfied? No

Was I happy? No

Did i want better? Yes!!

Again it’s not hard!! When you know your happiness is important and something isn’t serving you… you got to let it go!! We only live once!! Value your life, your energy, your time and who you allow into your space.

Some ppl may say it’s not easy… of course it’s not!! It took me some TIME… in that time I focused on God, I prayed, I read the word.

So, my advice to anyone who is feeling this way is to again ask yourself these three questions…

1. Are you satisfied?

2. Are you happy?

3. Do you want better?

Use Wisdom over emotions.

Pray and ask God to help you let Go.

Trust in God… God always want good for us, he never want us to hurt or be in situations that bring us harm…..

:::::REMEMBER::::: in any midst of confusion, hurt or discomfort…it’s not from God.

Hopefully someone finds the message helpful.

Be blessed.


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