True love

True love is hard to find, that’s what most people say.

Love is blind, that’s what most people say.

True love, what is it?

True love, where is it?

Is it really that hard to find?

A question that constantly came to mind.

True love, I searched for you high and low.

I thought I would find you in many places.. only to find out there you did not reside.

True love, I wondered, if you were meant for me or if your love would never reach me.

True love, I started to lose hope.

So, I asked again, will your love ever reach me?

Until one night in the midst of my brokenness, I found you.

At first I couldn’t comprehend it.

I came to understand, true love, that night you took me by the hand.

You heard my cries

You dried my tears

True love, I can’t believe I never knew who you were after all these years!

Your voice!

It was pleasing to my ears

Your comfort and the warmth of your embrace

Oh, the smile you put upon my face!

In your arms I felt safe

I didn’t want to let go

You promised you would never let go

You assured me, you would always be here.

You told me that you were mine and I am yours.

I can always enter into your presence

I will never experience your absence.

Now, I know you

You captivated me

I found you True love,

I found you from above.



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