Don’t let fear of rejection keep you from recieving your blessing.

Good evening, this is a message that was on my heart to share with everyone who reads this.

Rejection is not a good feeling for most of us and we all face it at times in our lives.

Rejection can cause us to think less about ourselves, compare, cause us to think negative and untrue thoughts.

Rejection can cause FEAR and with fear, comes stagnancy.

You’ve been told no many times.

You’ve went for opportunities you wanted, but didn’t get.

You’ve been told you don’t qualify or you dont fit the position…

You’ve been turned down by many people.

You’ve now become fearful, to try again, to step out again, to apply again.

So, you find comfortability in where you are.

You can’t move.

You refuse to move.

You have to remember that God doesn’t set us up to fail, we may face many challenges, failures, get knocked down, have doors closed on us, but we must keep going.

Those No’s and closed doors are God’s protection for us and him letting us know he has something else in stored for us.

Rejection Is only directing you to your blessing.

Don’t fear it! Embrace it! With the mindset of going forward because there’s a blessing ahead.


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