Who are we to judge?

I wanted to share this post and be completely raw and authentic, because I want to do my best to encourage someone and to also be relatable. I’m not perfect and we all aren’t. We have shortcomings and make mistakes, that we are often judged for… mostly by fellow believers in Christ.

It’s not our position to judge another, instead when we see our brother or sister struggling with a habit, sin or anything, our best position is to still show love for them, encourage them and pray for them.

I would say about 3 years ago, I remember going out to a park with a friend of mine to do some exercising. As we started on a trail she started sharing information with me about a friend who had been dealing with a man who was married. I called myself speaking on the situation and I was just judging the woman completely, looking at her with disgust.

Later that night, I remember being home in my bedroom and receiving information that the man i was currently involved with and in love with was married. I couldn’t believe it!!it was very coincidental to me. This was someone I was with for years and didn’t know.

It was hard for me and wasn’t easy for me to let go right away. I was afraid of opening up to other’s about it because i knew i would be judged and looked down on.

The situation was very tough for me, but it drew me closer to the Lord and with me drawing closer to him, i was giving the strength to walk away. THANK YOU, JESUS!

I remember reading Matthew chapter 7:1-2
Do not judge others, and you will not be judged. 2 For you will be treated as you treat others. The standard you use in judging is the standard by which you will be judged.

When I came across these verses, it immediately took me back to this situation.

I felt the conviction.

I had to repent.

We cannot talk down, criticize and judge people if we don’t want the same to happen to us in return.. above I said, I was afraid of opening up about it, because I knew I would be judged… so, how can I be so open to judge someone and be afraid of the same happening to me?

If you don’t want it happening to you, why do it to someone else?

A question we should all ponder on..

So, I encourage us not to make it a choice of criticizing and judging our fellow brothers and sister’s. We know it’s not right and that same judgment will come back on us.


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